CV, CVR, CVA 和CV%什么意思

  • Total Clicks – Total Clicks are all reported clicks for a particular link. It includes multiple clicks from the same IP address.

  • Unique Clicks – Unique clicks only consider one click on a single IP address, and treat repetitive clicks from the same IP as duplicates. Therefore. your Unique Clicks will always be lower that Total Clicks.

  • CV -CV stands for Conversion, and is a measure of how many successful outcomes (optin, sale etc) are reported by our tracking system.

  • CVR -CVR stands for Conversion Ratio, and shows you how effective your marketing campaigns are at converting clicks to sales. It is percentage value calculated as follows: (Conversions / Total Clicks) X 100

  • CVA -CVA stands for Conversion Amount, and is the dollar value equaivalent of a successful outcome (sale, optin etc) as reported by our tracking system.

  • CV% – CV% stands for Conversion Percentage, and is used when displaying multiple conversions. It helps you determine the percentage total of a particular conversion from all reported conversions.


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